Friday, January 1, 2016

Have you heard about the SEESAW app? IT IS SOOOO AWESOME!

We have recently started using the Seesaw app in our preschool classes. It is so awesome! If you have not yet checked it out I highly recommend visiting Seesaw to learn more about this fabulous new communication tool.

Seesaw offers an online portfolio for student work! The best part is parents can register to see all the items added to their child's portfolio. Children or teachers can add pictures, videos, notes, and more to the portfolio.

We use the app in our preschool classes. Each teacher sets up his or her classes with student's names. Then they begin to upload pictures, videos, etc. Parents are invited to be connected to their child's portfolio. Then when ever their child has a new item added to their portfolio the parent gets an email notice. They can access the portfolio from any internet enabled device. There is even the option for parents to "like" or comment on their child's items! It really takes communication to a whole new  level!

Check out the Seesaw App and let me know what you think!