Thursday, October 1, 2015

Room Review

Welcome to the FOX room!
So this year we decided to start using mascots to identify our rooms. We have a lot of different staff who work in each of our classrooms so it feels more inclusive to say the "Fox" room instead of Miss Kelly's room.

This is where we do our large group activities.

Here is our Art Center. There is a drying rack where the children can hang their own wet paintings. A place to hang aprons and a small storage shelf for some of the art materials. I hung a little curtain over it to make look a little neater.

The easel is also in this area. I like to put relevant books in each are to help instill the importance of books and reading throughout the room.

Nearby there is an art storage shelf where the children can help themselves to art supplies. They are also handy for teachers to access as well. Everything is labeled with pictures and word to make clean up a snap!

Hanging next to our art area above our hand washing sinks is our Display Tree.  Right now it has paper leaves on it that were cut from a nature magazine. Later we will hang some of our classroom art from it to put it on display.

This is our Block & Building Area. The blocks are all divided by shape and/or color. Each section is labeled with pictures and words.

This is a train table I found at a garage sale. I painted the top with black chalkboard paint. We use it for different building activities now. Right now it has lego's on it. I will probably switch it to Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets, and other building toys as the year progresses.

This is a new area in my room... The Fine Motor Center. Typically I use to have all of my manipulative and fine motor activities in the Math Area. This year I wanted to expand om this area so it just seemed natural to make fine motor it's own center,

This shelf has our Language & Literacy activities on it. There is a table in this area that we call our ABC table. Kids can bring toys and activities to the table from this shelf.

These file cabinets are next to my desk, so I decided to make them a part of our Language & Literacy Center as well. I added a magnet alphabet sorting activity. Basically I traced around each letter and the kids can match them. There is an alphabet bucket they can store them in when they are not matched up.

This is our Library Area. We have our paperbacks on the shelf and hardcover books in the baskets. This is a busy area!

The Listening Center is right next to the Library. My friends love this area. We switch the books out every couple weeks. I love putting a book here after we have read it as a large group.

Adjacent to the Listening Center is the Writing Center. We are using Hand Writing Without Tears this year so I have a new set of their letter cards hanging in this area.

The pencils are magnets I found at the Dollar Tree. I wrote each students name on them so that they can use them when they need a model for how to write their names.

 This our Math Area. The shelf has bins full of manipulative, math activities, and math games.

The kids can pull out a bin and bring it to the Math Table or play with the items on the floor on the Math Rug.

The dramatic play area is a favorite of everyone's. Sometimes it is a family living area, sometimes it is a restaurant, a hospital, a grocery store. It changes all the time.

The science center is my favorite. I have a "Nature Collection" in the aquarium. The kids bring me things from home to add to our collection. There are bee hives, various bugs (dead), bird nests, snake skins, a turtle shell, and more in our collection. 

I also have several other "collections" for the students to investigate when they are interested. We also do many science experiments at our science table. Color mixing, baking soda and vinegar, wind experiments, etc. are just a few.

The Calm Down Corner is part of our Social/Emotional Curriculum we call the "HIVE FIVE" as our school mascot is a hornet. The children are taught all about the calm down corner and they are free to use it whenever they are feeling strong emotions and they need to calm down.

At my website you can read more about how I organize my classroom into learning centers or interest areas.  You can also learn more about our social emotional curriculum from past blog posts.

Here are some pictures of how I organize my cupboards...

I finally have gotten most of my resources and supplies organized and in places where they are the most easily accessible and useful. It only took me like seven years!

You can download many of my labels for FREE in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

I also have a number of Learning Center Signs for early childhood classrooms available for purchase.

Preschool Center Signs for Ikea Frames (These are the ones I am using this year!)