Saturday, January 31, 2015

Learning Center "Activity Record"- Free Printable

My preschool friends have been working hard this year. However, I do find  that some still struggle with making choices during center or free choice time. So I created an Early Childhood Learning Center Activity Record for them to use to track what centers they have completed. This is ALWAYS a huge hit and it really helps some of my students "plan" their learning choices.

I set this up to be as independent of a tool as it can be...

I print copies of the Activity Record and place them in a container along with mini clipboards and pencils.

The idea is that the children can help themselves to an Activity Record and make check boxes next to the centers as they move around the classroom during center time or free choice time.

In order to help them be successful at identifying which centers they have completed I have also made a page of "Learning Center Picture Cues" you can post in the different centers or tape on the tables you use in the centers.

You can download a FREE copy of my Early Childhood Learning Center Activity Record from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

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If you find the Learning Center Activity Record useful please consider leaving me a comment or share how you use it in your classroom!