Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Door Decorating

This year our school did a little holiday door decorating contest... Our program does not typically "celebrate" holidays but we wanted to be involved, so our early childhood classes decorated our doors around a gingerbread theme.

The window says "Have a Sugar and Spice Filled Winter!"

 I found the welcome sign, mailbox, and shiny border at the dollar store.

The gingerbread men are foam and were from Walmart. I had the kids decorate them. The buttons, candies, pom poms, etc was all from the dollar store too.

The kids had a blast making these. They also glued glitter on the red plastic bowls we used for giant gumdrops. I put cotton stuffing on top of everything to look like snow. I sprayed fake snow around the windows.

It is hard to see in the picture but there was a small row of lights strung across the top as well. The table cloth and small trees were from WalMart too.

We of course read the story The Gingerbread Man and went on a hunt for him in the school. When we found him he had left us gingerbread cookies! Mmmmmm! FUN!