Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pumpkin Picking Time! A Patch of Free Printable Activity Pages!

So it is October and we are finishing up our monthly  Fall Fun theme. We like to do a little Pumpkin Theme  at the end of the month. The kids love opening the pumpkins and digging into the slimy orange pulp. We do this as a class project and the kids get to help dig out and count the seeds!

I always set up a Pumpkin Detective Center in our Science Area so the kids can explore the pumpkins further. We have scales and magnifiers so they can weigh them and get a closer look. I set out a variety of pumpkins from minis to large sized pumpkins. We also include some different gords for them to check out too. The kids love this center.

 I created some simple printables in my Pumpkin Detectives Mini-Science Unit to help enhance the learning that happens in this center.

You can download the Pumpkin Detective Mini-Unit for FREE from My Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

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