Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall is Fun! ~ Fall inspired early learning activities

So it has been a busy first couple months of preschool. We have spent a lot of time working on building common expectations and teaching the rules and routines in our program. Things are moving along very nicely! Just thought I would share some of the fun Fall inspired activities we have been doing!

Check it out...

The Dot Marker Apple Trees are from

The Apple Baskets are from my website. Click on the link to download the PDF for free. *Hint* I whiteout the basket handles sometimes, as it makes it easier for the kids to fill the baskets with apples. You might also want to see other ways we have used this activity. Click Here

I found the cookie cutters at a dollar store, they work great for printing.

The apple buckets have numbers on them so the kids can practice matching numbers and quantities and counting in sequence using a one-to-one correspondence. The buckets are from a dollar store, the apples are from our fruit counters from Lakeshore I believe.

The Apple Investigation I used for the Apple Science activities has two charts; one for the Life Cycle of the Apple Tree, and one for the Parts of an Apple. Plus it includes a cute Apple Detective Observation Sheet! It is available for FREE at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Stay tuned for Pumpkin Fun and Cube Counting !!!!