Monday, August 12, 2013

Tricks & Transitions ~ A Package of Helpful Signs for Typical Classroom Routines and Activities

This Tricks & Transitions zip file contains 17 printable signs and 1 tip sheet, brought to you in PDF format. Each sign features cute ThistleGirl Designs graphics and a helpful chant, song, poem, or anchor charts.
The signs included are:
Transition Signs:
1.   Lining Up- A chant, “My hands are at my side…”
2.   Ready Line- (Same as #1 Lining Up sign just with a different name because we use a Red Line to line up on called our “Ready Line”)
3.   Snack Time- A song, “Thank you for the snack today…”
4.   Clean Up Time- A song, “It’s clean up time at preschool…”
5.   Clean Up Time- (Same as #4 only uses word “school” instead of “preschool” for older classrooms
6.   Five More Minutes ‘til Clean Up- A warning song, “Five more minutes ‘til clean up, five more minutes to play…”
7.   Book Time- A chant, “Book time means I find a book…”
8.   Group Time- A song, “Open shut them, open shut them…”
9.   Story Time- A chant, “It’s story time, it’s story time…”
10.                   Wash Your Hands- A song, “Wash, wash, wash your hands…”
Rhymes for School Tools:
1.   Glue Bottles Guide- “Dot, dot, just a spot…”
2.   Glue Sticks- “Roll up to glue…”
3.   Markers- “When you color with a marker…”
4.   Scissors- “Open shut, open shut…”
5.   Folder- “Put your folder in the bucket in the bucket…”
Anchor Charts:
1.   Good Listener- “Eyes on teacher, ears listening…”
2.   Good Lining Up- “Hands at side, eyes looking forward…”
*Please NOTE: Due to the size of the graphics on the Good Listener and Good Lining Up Anchor Charts the graphic is a little Grainy. This is due to the file type. Please do not purchase if you are not okay with this characteristic. Please download the Preview file to see what I am talking about. Most other signs are not this grainy because the graphics are smaller.
These signs are for personal use only. Please do not resell or post them to any other medium. You may pin them on Pinterest.
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