Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Smile Makers Made Me Smile! ~ Time Tracker-Mini~ A Product Review

I had a pleasant surprise the other day when I opened my email. The nice folks at Smile Makers invited me to do a product review on this blog. They sent me the Time Tracker-Mini to use in my classroom.

Check it out...
It has a timer and a "warning" timer. How cool is that? We all know how important it is to give young children a "warning" when their time is just about up. The timer also includes different color lights to help children recognize when it is time to "Be Done". The sound can be turned down and used as a visual timer only.

I really like the versatility of this timer. We use timers A LOT in our early childhood classroom. The kids really liked how they could see and hear the timer. This timer is not incredibly loud, but then again it is the "mini" version of a larger version of the timer called the Timer Tracker Classroom Timer, that would probably be better for whole group activities. (This is going on my wish list!!!) With that in mind, I suggest using it more for small group activities or for when children need help taking turns, rather than using it for a whole class activity because it may be hard to hear against the volume of a noisy classroom. (Not that my classroom is ever NOISY or anything!) 

We used it at our computer center for taking turns at the computer. It was PERFECT! I usually use those cheap plastic timers and they only last about a month if that! Boo!

So basically I would give the Time Tracker-Mini 2 thumbs up!

Thanks again Smile Makers!
Do me a favor, check out their website!
They have a TON of really cool stuff!