Thursday, July 11, 2013

I am joining the Book Study!~ The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease

So I have done this blog world book study thing in the past but without actually writing much on my blog about my thoughts or views. This summer I have decided to try to be a little more active in the virtual world as far as commenting and sharing on my blog. For one, because I really have been neglecting my blog which is sad because I enjoy the process so much and I truly believe it is such an awesome way to acquire resources and network and connect with others that share my educational philosophies. United we stand right! And for two... AMAZON has dropped people in MN from their affiliate program due to the changes in the MN tax laws GRRRR! so I need to be more active blog wise to hopefully make up for my lost AMAZON income! (More about that later...)

To the Book Study!!!!!

I started loving this book right from the very beginning!

One of the reasons for my adoration:
(Not that I need reassurance so much, but many of us have witnessed what is "inappropriate practice" meant to "prepare" children for their next level of learning. And many of us have felt the pressure to participate in such practices. Reassurances such as these provided in The Read Aloud Handbook help arm me with ammunition to defend my beliefs and practices when needed!)

For example:
Jim Trelease writes in chapter one on page 4, "In their wording- "the single most important activity"- the experts were saying reading aloud was more important than work sheets, homework, book reports, and flash cards."

I am an early childhood educator so quotes such as these really get me excited too...
"As lumber is the primary support for building a house, words are the primary structure for learning. There are really only two efficient ways to get words into a person's brain: either by seeing them or hearing them. Since it will be years before an infant uses his or her eyes for actual reading, the best source for vocabulary and brain building becomes the ear. What we send into that ear becomes the foundation for the child's "brain house." " Ch.1 page 5

To me the message is START EARLY!!!!

Early childhood offers a prime opportunity to build this foundation. Included in that prime time is the opportunity to develop the "pleasure message" that children will associate with books and reading. Trelease suggests this is a principle reason people will become readers. He writes, "Human beings will voluntarily do over and over that which brings them pleasure." ch.1 page 6

As an early childhood educator, chapter one reminds me how important it is for me to share with my families the significance of their impact on their child's learning!
"It's not the toys in the house that make the difference in children's lives; it's the words in their heads." ch. 1 page 16

Teaching and learning doesn't have to be fancy or expensive... it's that whole keep it simple philosophy... how quickly we can forget that... and lets us not forget the power behind JOY/PLEASURE!

Good Stuff!!!
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