Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles!!! Is it Spring Yet?

I am on Spring Break here in Minnesota and we are having ANOTHER snow storm!!!!! So I had to share this activity we did last week in my ECFE class. We all have Spring Fever up here so I like to bring some fun outdoor type activities into the classroom during the long winter months. Bubbles are a classic spring/summer activity we do outside. But in the winter bubbles blown outside just freeze... They really do you should try it. So we used our bubbles in our paint and did some Bubble Painting!!!! I love this activity because it is soooo messy and it really helps some of the parents get out of their comfort zones and really have fun! It also makes a cool painting but it is more about the process then the product of course! The kids have so much fun blowing bubbles in the paint and they get so excited! Just a word of caution... Make sure you keep an eye on the kids blowing bubbles most kids are used to SUCKING through a straw! If you see the paint start to go up the straw stop them right away and remind them to BLOW!!!! Or they will get a mouth full of paint!
Supplies Needed:
1.Short sturdy bowls
2.Different colors of tempera paint
3.Store bought bubble solution
4.White paper
3.Markers- for writing names
To Make Bubble Paint:
I simply mix tempera paint with bubble solution. I would say about 1 part bubbles to 4 parts paint. You will have to experiment with it because you need enough bubbles to get a good bubble effect that will "rise" in the bowl but also you want enough paint to be able to pick up the color.
Here are the directions I give the families:
1. Write name on paper.
2.Choose a straw.
3.Place straw in bubbles and blow!
4.Place paper on top of bubbles to make a print.
5.Throw away straw!
Follow up this activity or introduce it with a fun Bubble Book!
Books from AMAZON: