Monday, September 3, 2012

Open House Week @ TBA

Open House Week
It is Open House Week at TBA (Teaching Blog Addict).
Monday is "Meet the Teacher".
Meet me...
My name is Kelly Kazeck, my students call me Miss Kelly. I am a School Readiness Preschool Teacher in MN. This is the beginning of my fifth year at my current program and I have been working in early childhood programs for the last 16 years. Here in MN we also have what is called ECFE or Early Childhood Family Education, which is state funded and serves families with children from ages birth to 5 years old. I teach several of these parent/child classes in our district as well.
I am a huge believer that in early childhood, children learn best through play. I work hard to help parents understand the benefits of play and see just how their children learn when they play. You will often see me post products like my Learning Center Signs with Objectives to my TPT store because I think it is so important that families understand what their children are learning as they work in the different Learning Centers in my classroom.
I also believe in setting clear consistent expectations for students and helping them build their self confidence and independence!
We have a lot of fun in our classroom! I want children to know that learning is FUN!