Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Classroom Photos

Open House Week
It is Open House Week at TBA (Teaching Blog Addict).
Tuesday is Classroom Photo Day!
The following are some pictures of some of the areas and signs I am using in my classroom this year. I have worked really hard to promote parent understanding of how children learn in my different Learning Centers. I have also developed signs to help teachers and assistants know the Classroom Expectations for the students and also how they can provide Teacher Support. These signs are all available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  I have not really changed my room arrangement much and you can see a slide show of my whole classroom by clicking here.
 This is my Language and Literacy Area.
This is the Writing Center. In the beginning of the year it is stocked with just some basics. As the year goes on we add more and more materials to this area.
Classroom Expectation Signs

We love books in PreK so I like to add our favorite book characters to our decor!
My sister had these little guys made for me! Aren't they cute?!