Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Programmable Printable Calendars for Newsletters

I just finished a years worth of Programmable/Printable Calendars and added them to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!. This zip file contains 21 PDF files. Each file is a programmable calendar featuring ThistleGirl Designs graphics that is perfect for school newsletters. What that means is you can either type in the text fields and print the calendar or just print the calendar and write in the dates/info by hand. ***Please note you can make as many copies as you wish but Adobe will not allow you to "save a copy" of the calendar with the text you typed in to the text field. Therefore they can not be saved and redistributed through email with your text. However, you could print them with your text added and scan them and then have a digital copy!
There are a complete set of 12 months with generic themes, I have also included additional calendars that depict holidays. We do not do holidays in our program so I always try to make these inclusive, but I know many of you still do.... so enjoy! P.S. I have also included extra calendars for August and September as I know some of you start school in different months. Please don't hesitate to ask questions.