Sunday, June 3, 2012

American Idol Here We Come?

We always end our school year with a little "End of the Year Program" at preschool. The program is very child friendly and very parent pleasing! The children practice several songs and sing them on stage for parents, grandparents, and other family members. Then we pass out participation certificates and the children go sit with their parents. We finish with a slide show of pictures from throughout the year. The children do not wear caps or gowns or anything special (although some dress up and it is fun to see). We let families know that no one is forced to participate; we want it to be a positive experience for everyone. I have struggled in the past with the appropriateness of this program. It is clearly something we do for parents. (We are a tuition based school so sometimes this is a business thing...) However, I have found the children are really excited to perform for their parents. Maybe it is the American Idol age we live in??? We practice our songs for several weeks before the program and we have a rehearsal on stage so the children are well prepared and know what to expect. I think I am finally ready to cast away any doubts I have had about the appropriateness of the program after what one of my little friends said during practice. We were all sitting on the risers talking about how bright the lights would be and other details about the program and one of my boys is looking around the stage and he says to his fellow classmates... "This is going to be Epic!"  I tried so hard not to laugh, but how cool is that? Clearly they are excited to be a part of this program!
We always sing great songs like The Hip Hop Tooty Ta! by Jack Hartman. This song always gets our audience laughing! We also perfom Five Little Monkeys by Dr. Jean. We do several finger plays like Five Little Hot Dogs, Tiny Tim, and of course we sing the ABC's!