Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This is Where it all Goes Down Wednesday

Here is the topic today from Blog Hoppin...Classrooms...
 I have been working in my classroom for the past two days and although I am really excited about what I have gotten done, it sure doesn't seem like much in the grand scheme of things...
Here are just a couple of pictures, I will post more as I get more done! :)
Here is my room before anything was put away! That big thing in the middle is my SmartBoard. It is HUGE! and portable, and it can be moved anywhere in my room! Well, except you have to have it close enough to have it hooked up to your computer...

Okay, so DAY 1- move furniture back and rearrange room a little bit. I had some new ideas for my Language and Literacy Area so I needed to switch somethings around.

This  is the bookshelf in my Language and Literacy Area. It use to be completely full of books, many of which were stories I read for Read Alouds and such, so the kids didn't really use them because they were crammed in there and not organized. It was always so hard to find the book you were looking for. Also, I wanted the space for housing alphabet games and activities. Behind it is my Writing Area (which I forgot to take a picture of I guess...)
Across from the shelf is my open face bookshelf, my listening area, and some beanbag chairs. There is also an easel in the area too. The listening center supplies are in the small wooden cabinet between the beanbags. The computer center is behind the bookshelf. The round yellow table is in the middle of the entire center so children can read books there or do some of the alphabet activities. It is actually almost in the middle of my room so it makes a good place to do small group activities so I can see what is going on in the rest of the room.

Day 2- This is where my books went. On a shelf near my desk and they are all ORGANIZED! I spent the day sorting through my books and making dividers for them by topic! Only thing is, this is only about half of the books. There is still a cupboard full of books in my teammates room. Not to mention the four or five huge Rubbermaid containers I have at home... Ugh... So much more work to do. You can download my Book Tabs for Free from my website!
I did get a start on the bulletin boards in our pod area... But those photo's will have to wait for another day. Plus the rest of the room. My furniture is all moved back but not all of my supplies/activities are out yet.... Still so much to do. :)