Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet the Teacher

It is Meet the Teacher Monday at Blog Hopper.
So here goes, here are my answers to the Meet the Teacher questions.

Tell us a little something about you...
I am an early childhood teacher in MN. I teach School Readiness preschool and ECFE. I am the creator of the website, which a free early childhood resource. I have two blogs one in connection with my website and reflections of an early childhood teacher. I am also a mother of three fantastic young adults! I love my jobs!
How long have you been teaching?
I have been working with families since my youngest daughter was 2 years old and I started a home daycare in my home. I worked in a couple of different preschools during that time as well. My daughter is now 17! So for about the last 15 years I have been working with young children! I am in my fourth year of teaching ECFE and School Readiness at my current school.
You might not know...
My aunt is a teacher, and my grandmother and my grandmother's mom were teachers too. I went to college at the same school where my grandmother became a teacher. When she was in school it was exclusively a "Teacher's College" and it has since grown into an entire University. How cool is that?
What are you looking most forward to this school year?
We received new Smartboards toward the end of the school year last year and I am so excited about really integrating the Smartboard into me teaching! I have been working on lots of Smartboard lessons which you can read about on my blog! 
What do you need to improve?
I WANT to improve my Literacy Center. After reading Literacy Beginnings by Gay Su Pinnell and Irene C. Fountas, I have been inspired to make some changes to my Language and Literacy Center and I have been busy creating more resources for my students to "work/play" with the alphabet. I am also working on new ways to have my students respond to the Read Aloud Stories we do.
What teaching supplies can you *not* live without?
I think I couldn't live without my children's books! I love children's books and they are the backbone of all my teaching. Oh yeah, and my diet coke...
So that's me!